MSP Park Use Info

General Rules - Simple and Fair

1. When using the trails, please stay to the right side, especially on the corners.

2. Please do not litter. Carry out what you bring in.

3. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails.

4. Please use the designated parking areas.

5. Camping or fires are not permitted unless written permission from the WAAA is provided.

6. Be respectful of everyone and note that many people use the park trails in differnt ways.

7. This is an unsupervised park maintained by volunteers; so please use at your own risk.

*Those who repeatley violate the park rules or whom make it difficult for other to enjoy this space may be barred from use of the park under the Protection of Private Property Act.

Policy for Dogs in the Park

1. Dogs must be on leash at all times.

2. You must pick up after your pet.

3. Please respect the fact that not everyone wants to be greeted by your dog.

Policy for Nordic Skiing

1. Skiing is "One Way" directional on all trails. Ski in a counter-clockwise manner within the trails system. Obey and direction indicator signs. This rule is to avoid head-on collisions, especially on hills.

2. With the excption of the Shirley Anne trail along Lake Thomas, these are dedicated ski trails in the winter. When on multi-use trails, we ask runners and walkers to wear snow shoes and stay as far to the right as possible to preserve the groomed trail conditions. If you are damaging the trails, stop what you are doing.

3. No mountain bikes on the trails if conditions permit nordic skiing.

*These rules are to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy winter recreational activity, especially skiing. If you have concerns, comments, or questions, you may express them to the WAAA. You can lean how to reach out to us by visiting the Contact page.

Play safe, ski hard, and have fun!.

Policy for Cycling

1. Safety First! This is an unsupervised park so please use at your own risk. Adult supervision is required when apropriate.

2. Check for debris or hazzards such as hornets nests before use.

3. Helmets are requird. Additional protective gear is recommended.

4. Be responsible, Ride safe and within your limits.

5. Bikes only.

6. Riding in the wet may add to the thril, but it causes costly damage to the trails.

7. Do not modify or create your own jumps or features.

8. In case of emergency, call 911.

Policy for Groups Using the Park

1. Small groups are welcome such as meetups or group rides but groups of more that twenty or groups charging a fee for their event will be billed $2/participant.

2. Any group using the park must adhear to the 'Leave No Trace' guidelines.

*See below for more info on large groups wishing to use the park.

Large Groups - 3rd Party Events

1. You need your own event insurance.

2. The WAAA will work with you to schedule your event.

3. There is no guarantee that your event will qualify for a date at the park. It is the WAAA who decides which events may use the park.

4. Because of the unique nature of these types of use cases, please reach out to us for details and additional conditions.

*You can lean how to reach out to us by visiting the Contact page.